Water Storage

Water Storage Tanks

A water storage tank is a container used for collecting and storing water. It ensures continuous supply during periods of shortage. The stored amount can be used for industrial or domestic purposes. Storage tanks are available in different forms e.g. underground tanks, metal, steel, well, rainwater, and much more. Water stored in these tanks collected from the municipal mains, springs, rivers, wells or rainwater. The following are the benefits gained from the use of water storage tanks:

Benefits of water storage tanks

It ensures continuous supplywater

They store surplus water to be used in case of natural disasters such as droughts and earthquakes thus ensuring permanent water availability.

Reduction of expenses

Storage of rain water in tanks cuts down on costs which would have been incurred in payment of water bills thus saving money.

Agricultural benefits

Water stored in the tanks enables one water plants in the garden during a dry season.

Provision of drinking water

In cases where most surrounding sources have salty water, highly polluted or a distance away from the place of residence one may prefer storage of rainwater in tanks to serve drinking purposes.


It is useful in case of a fire breakout as it is readily available to put off the fire

Laundry purposes

It can be easily used for washing clothes manually or by use of a washing machine. The washing machine can be connected directly to the tank.

Toilet flushing

Flushing a toilet may require a huge volume of water thus use of a tank to store water for such purpose will be helpful. It ensures sufficient pressure and volume. Correct installation ensures sufficient volume and hence sufficient supply to each house.

It saves the environment from degradation

StoraWater Storagege of rain water in tanks lowers the rate of soil erosion as water which could have carried away soil drains into tanks. This helps in conserving the environment.

Industrial use

It can be used in industries for processing, chemical manufacture, and cooling machines. Apart from natural depressions on the ground surface where water collects during the rain season, they are the most reliable way to store clean water. Every homestead is encouraged to have at least one to enjoy the benefits.